I was born to ride. I've made my happiest memories and overcome my most heart-breaking challenges, in the saddle. However, I was Chief Librarian at school never Team Captain. I was a latecomer to the fitness game.

Everything changed at 18 when, hospitalised at six stone (38 kg), fitness saved me from the vortex of anorexia. Fitness showed me a goal that wasn’t about being thin, it was about being strong - both physically and mentally. Beyond simply fitness; connection, and a sense of belonging, were key contributors to my recovery.

Almost 20 years later, in 2019, I named my anorexia for the first time. At that moment I took my power back, and I felt the freedom of vulnerability. Up until then, I’d talked about 'when I was ill' but I would never elaborate let alone name 'it'. I’d withdrawn from almost all those who knew me at that time, I was safe with my secret. But safe isn’t where the magic happens. 

Anorexia was one of three big challenges, over two decades, that I overcame through fitness, and community.

The second, in 2012, took me one step closer to POWER when I first scribbled ‘spinning bikes’ on my vision board.

The third, in 2019, was a shorter version of challenge two and revealed a truer, freer, more determined version of me than I ever thought possible. Digging deeper still, I revealed a new-found respect for my health, above my fitness, which is what crystallised my desire to empower others from the bike. I celebrated this light bulb moment with the arrival of nine spinning bikes. At that moment POWER became real. 

I know that I will never go back to challenges one, two or three. I also know that if I don’t own my story, my story will own me. And that’s not a place of power, freedom, or happiness. 

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars was the pinnacle of my 14 year career - designing and delivering extraordinary events and client experience for luxury brands, typically inspired by or attached to four wheels. In September 2019, I switched my focus from four wheels to two, to focus on POWER - empowering people to transform their physical and mental strength, from my spinning bike.

I qualified with Mad Dogg Athletics (creators of Spinning®️) in 2016 and Les Mills International (creators of RPM™ indoor cycling) in 2019, in addition to Exercise Physiology, First Aid at Work and

Mental Health First Aid qualifications. 

Photo: Helen Cawte Photography