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A Unique Mind & Body Fitness Experience

Workplaces | Schools | Festivals | Community Spaces | Out In Nature | Private Hire | Virtual Movement Experience

A Celebration | A Teambuilder | A Unique Brand Activation | A Launch | An Icebreaker | Sweatworking (networking in the saddle)
A Community Event | A Charity Fundraiser | Pop-Up Events

POWER injects extraordinary energy into any space, delivering impact without impact, through its use of immersive wireless headphones, spinning bikes and bananas. 

POWER is also available online, anywhere in the world - ask me about live or recorded virtual movement experiences, no spinning bike required.

Let your imagination run wild, create a mind and body fitness experience unique to you: location subject to suitability, playlist, message, ride duration, theme and, if you wish, dress code (this is POWER, live out louder, you do you).

Private Hire can also include one-to-one rides: for riders who require individual attention outside of the POWER community.

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