Your spinning bike will be set up with a POWER-branded banana and a pen, at the beginning of every ride. You choose if and when you write a word that motivates and inspires you, on your banana. I will thread your word into my #bikechat


With every post-ride re-fueling bite, a humble banana allows you to take a opportunity to reflect on your ride, share and talk. 

A simple takeaway banana is an example of how POWER goes the extra mile, values attention to detail and appreciates the POWER of marketing and brand – all essential ingredients when creating the ultimate ride experience.


Bananas are a happy fruit, rich in potassium and magnesium which helps to relax your muscles, tryptophan (an important amino acid) and vitamin B6 which helps convert the tryptophan into the mood-lifting happy hormone serotonin. Plus, bananas are perfectly packaged by nature and biodegradable. 

Don't eat bananas? Give the gift of a POWER banana. Share your POWER ride experience with a friend, a random stranger, the world. #POWERbanana

If you want to go beyond bananas, let your imagination run wild, create your ultimate ride experience.

'Riding' POWER Online? Bring-Your-Own-Banana, with or without a word that inspires and motivates you.