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Mission: Welcome


POWER is a bananas business, rooted in connection. 

Your spinning bike will be set up with a POWER-branded banana and a pen, at the beginning of every ride. If you’re ‘riding’ POWER Online, you’re encouraged to Bring-Your-Own-Banana.


The POWER banana is a tool to express, reflect, encourage vulnerability, capture the memory, and PLAY. And at the end of every ride, bananas inspire the opportunity to refuel, to connect, to share, virtually or in-person.


It is your choice IF, when, and what you write on your banana. Typically it’s a word that motivates and inspires you, or a word that captures how you’re feeling. If you want to share your banana word/s during the ride, Elaine encourages that, and threads riders’ banana words into her #bikechat


A simple takeaway banana is an example of how POWER goes the extra mile, values attention to detail and appreciates the POWER of marketing and brand – all essential ingredients when creating the ultimate ride experience.


Bananas are a happy fruit, rich in potassium and magnesium which helps to relax your muscles, tryptophan (an important amino acid) and vitamin B6 which helps convert the tryptophan into the mood-lifting happy hormone serotonin. Plus, bananas are perfectly packaged by nature and biodegradable.


Don't eat bananas? Give the gift of a POWER banana. Share your POWER ride experience with a friend, a random stranger, the world. #POWERbanana

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