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4' 9" / 145 cm plus | Generation Zed | Chichester | Schools | Online


POWER Zed: movement, positivity and togetherness for riders 4’ 9”/145 cm plus, of all fitness levels and spinning/pedaling experience. 

Every spinning bike is set up with a pair of headphones, a
POWER banana and a pen. It is the Zeds’ choice IF, when, and what they write on their bananas. Bananas inspire the opportunity for expression, reflection, vulnerability and PLAY.  

The Zeds ride with Elaine, Chief Banana Officer, for 45 minutes. Elaine won’t yell expectations, or numbers, at the Zeds. Instead, they’ll listen to Elaine’s
#bikechat - real-time words of positivity, mental strength and mindfulness, alongside a high-energy playlist.

If the Zeds want to share their banana words during the ride, Elaine encourages that, and threads their words into her
#bikechat At the end of the ride, the Zeds jump off their bikes, and their bananas inspire the opportunity to refuel, to connect, to share. 

POWER Zed rides, weekly, at the POWER Garage and at the Pavilion (Graylingwell Park), in Chichester. 

POWER Zed-To-You: spinning bikes, headphones and bananas, delivered (typically within a 30 mile radius of Chichester).

POWER Zed Online: a virtual movement experience (no bike required) - Zeds are typically 8 years plus, they choose their movement (walking, running, pedaling, dancing), and they move at their pace, anywhere in the world; connected to the bunch, live via Zoom. 

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