4' 10" (147 cm) plus | Generation Zed


If your INCREDIBLE Generation Zed is 4' 10 (147 cm) plus, let's ride. 


Inspired by the small and AWESOME 'riders' who joined POWER Online 'rides' with their parents, during lockdown - POWER Zed in the Garage was born.


The Zeds arrive at the POWER Garage, to a POWER banana, wireless headphones, and a pen, on each spinning bike. It is their choice IF, when, and what they write on their banana. Bananas inspire the opportunity for reflection, ownership, vulnerability and PLAY.   

The Zeds ride with me for 45 minutes. If they want to share their banana words during the ride, I encourage that, and I thread their banana words into my #bikechat (positivity and mental strength). At the end of the ride, the Zeds jump off their bikes, and their bananas inspire the opportunity to refuel, connect, share, TALK.

POWER Zed is available, at the POWER Garage in Chichester, for both scheduled rides and private hire.


POWER Zed-To-You: spinning bikes, wireless headphones and bananas, delivered.


POWER Zed Online: a movement experience (no spinning bike required) available to any Zed - typically

8 yrs plus - anywhere in the world.