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Private POWER-TO-YOU Event for The Collective at Ashling Park Estate


We asked Elaine to come and do POWER in the Vineyard for us at our Momentous Mingle networking event as we had experienced her Zoom POWER 'rides' and knew her to be incredible.


POWER in the Vineyard proved to be EPIC, a bit of a stand out show-stopping extravaganza for our members.  We always put on ice breaker activities for people but POWER was something else.


Leading up to the event and during Elaine was super-professional. Arrived in plenty of time, set up quickly and quietly and everything was ready for the moment the first guests arrived.

POWER is exactly that, it’s powerful. It goes beyond exercise to combine movement with positive, motivational words that are truly transformational.  Beyond that, Elaine draws you into the POWER community, making each 'rider' feel safe, included and important.

Honestly, POWER is true magic in every sense. You have to experience it. And when you do, you’re part of the POWER family for life.  We couldn’t recommend Elaine enough.

Helen & Abby - The Collective 

Courtesy of Helen Cawte Photography & Nadi Lindsay Photography

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