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A POWER Garage Takeover

Employee Wellbeing | Celebrating with Friends | Team Building | Chichester

Your opportunity to ride in the POWER Garage, exclusively, with your team, clients, friends.

I originally asked Elaine if we could arrange a corporate POWER session prior to the first lockdown, before the team was split up via home working and everyone’s mental health was challenged through the pandemic.


Having ridden in the POWER Garage multiple times myself, I knew it was more than an elitist spin class, and that everyone in the team would benefit whatever their fitness level.


As an employer the mental health of our staff has always been important. We have always advocated a strong team ethos and tried to create an environment where we champion each other, the concept of Elaine’s sessions seemed an extension of that. Everyone has had different personal challenges and obstacles to overcome, but all those feelings were heightened by the pandemic and everyone’s stress cups fuller.  


The POWER experience was just that for the team, POWERFUL. 45 minutes out of life as an employee, wife, partner, mother. 45 minutes for them. 45 minutes of motivational and positive words that touched hearts and made them feel valued, strong, emotional, and proud. The POWER experience is so inclusive it makes everyone, whatever their walk of life or fitness level. feel included and motivated.


The value of the 45 minutes out of the working day was priceless. The banana words said it all; 'STRENGTH', 'WARRIOR' , 'BRAVE', 'PURSUE', 'GROWTH' and 'INCLUSIVE'. The energy that filled and left the Garage with us was simply fantastic.


These girls are absolute champions, and I am so proud to have them as my team and to be given the opportunity to empower and support them. I would highly recommend the POWER experience for both team building and mental health.

Elaine is incredibly professional, and her passion is infectious.

Heather Martin - Operations Manager, Southern Fire Alarms Ltd


Birthday celebrations, taking over the Garage was amazing!

My friends decorated my bike before I arrived, Elaine put together the BEST playlist of all my favourites, and the POWER Coladas finish line were the perfect finale to the celebrations. I loved every minute.


Thank you, Elaine, for making the whole experience a birthday I’ll never forget.

Amber O-W

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