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POWER at the Pavilion

Regular Ride Venue | Private Hire | Chichester


You will arrive at the Pavilion - a spectacular community venue overlooking beautiful green space, in the heart of Graylingwell Park, Chichester - to a POWER banana, wireless headphones, and a pen, on each spinning bike.


It is your choice if, when, and what you write on your banana. Bananas inspire the opportunity for reflection, ownership, vulnerability and play.   

You ride with Elaine, Chief Banana Officer, for 45 minutes. If you want to share your banana words during the ride, I encourage that, and I thread your banana words into my #bikechat (real-time words of positivity, mental strength and mindfulness, alongside a high-energy playlist). At the end of the ride, you jump off your bikes, and your bananas inspire the opportunity to refuel, connect, share, talk.

POWER in the Garage, the home of POWER, also in Chichester, is available for both scheduled rides and private hire.

POWER Zed: 4' 9" (145 cm) plus, typically 8 yrs plus. 

POWER Online: a movement experience (no bike required) available to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

POWER-To-You: anywhere and everywhere; community spaces, festivals, workplaces - ask me how.

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