Lisa, Online Runner 'Rider'

JUST what I needed when on furlough and in need of social interaction at a time where we couldn't meet face to face with friends and loved ones.


Elaine is the most happy, open, friendly and inspirations person to wake up and listen to whilst you ride/run/walk.


She helps motivate you through your ride both physically and mentally. She also sets you up with positive affirmations to keep you going with happy hormones

all day long.

Kevin, Online 'Rider'

Strangely motivational and uplifting.


I struggle with early morning exercise, so this was great having a few people 'banging it out' as well and Elaine really drives you on.


Would definitely jump on again - I sweated through two towels without any metrics.

Just a banana.

Vicky, Online Runner 'Rider'



Elaine is always supportive and encouraging and her motivating words during the run 'rides' keep you going to push yourself a little further.


She also includes everyone and makes it personalised - there's lots of connection and fun along the way.


Definitely recommend.

Gavin, Online 'Rider'

Loved it. Elaine is a great and innovative spinning instructor and her encouragement and motivational words throughout the session really helped inspire me.


I’d describe Elaine as a healthy Red Bull drink - she gives you wings and energy. She’s also like an inspiring self help book, setting you up to succeed for your day.


I used to run a big team of people working for Checkatrade. The physical and mental well-being of our staff was top of our agenda. I would have used Elaine and POWER in a heart beat as the positivity and value gained from the wake of her impact would be so worth it. I genuinely and encouragingly recommend Elaine.

Laura, Online Rider

I LOVE it. I'm not a fitness bunny, in fact, I hate the gym and when I first thought of doing a spinning class I thought I was insane.


However this is a whole different thing, it's non-pushy, positive, nobody cares if you're last all you need to do is finish.


One week I didn't bike I did it on a trampoline and that was totally cool.


The lovely words Elaine says through the sessions really give me the boost I need and I come out feeling so positive.


100% recommend.

Laura, Online Runner 'Rider'

Can’t recommend POWER enough. Motivational, fun and great music. Amazing how a run on my own can

feel so sociable. 


Elaine’s energy is infectious and her

Zoom classes are a great way to start the morning. Definitely give it a go.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Elaine fills my head with positive chat and really sets me up for my day.


I am so PROUD of her for creating the most supportive POWER FAMILY. I know every other person that had ridden POWER would feel the same. Elaine has warmth that makes everyone feel special and loved.

Richard, Online 'Rider'

Superb workout for body and mind.


Elaine exudes an infectious positivity in a relaxed, friendly environment with everyone welcome.

So glad I rode today. Really wasn't feeling it. Not generally a bike fan. But Elaine won me over.


Fabulous motivator. Left me feeling

ready for anything.

Debbie, Online Walker 'Rider'

You’ve injected such joy into these past five months for me and many many others.


You’re so diligent throughout checking in on everyone, such a thrill when you hear your name mid ride or a reference to an

in joke. Never cliquey always inclusive.


This is truly your calling.


And POWER Zed. Just WOW.

Ellen, Online Buggy 'Rider'

I’ve really enjoyed the sessions with Elaine. Being able to join in with my buggy makes exercise possible for me at this point in life, with a new baby.


It’s all the motivation and encouragement

I need to get moving again.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Cynthia, Dog Walker 'Rider'

Elaine does an amazing job bringing people together, sharing positive vibes and we all keep fit in the process.


POWER provides a really great opportunity to start your day right and I can't recommend it highly enough.


I love meeting all the people that participate, I love the positive vibes and the exercise is great.


There's a real connection through us all sharing our word for the day, often written on bananas.


If this is making you wonder, you really need to join in and check it out.

You won't regret it.

Tali, Online 'Rider'

Sophie, Online 'Rider'