James, Garage Rider

It was amazing.


Not only do you teach a top quality spin class, with such a welcoming attitude,

your guidance throughout is great for clearing my headspace and a good reminder for getting a bit of

perspective on life.


Thoroughly loved it.

Becky, Garage Rider

A holistic workout, challenging both your mind and body, on the bike.


The headphones add great atmosphere, you can really get 'in the zone'.


Can't wait to ride again.

Lauren, Garage Rider

Absolutely amazing.


You have completely taken my fear

away from spinning.


I can't wait for more classes.


Your encouraging words throughout make you focus and smile at the same time.

Lucy, Garage Rider

It was like no other class I have ever been to, and I have been to A LOT.

Jas, Garage Rider

Elaine’s enthusiasm for life is infectious. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to feel part of a welcoming team and to be inspired at least once a week. Do it now.

Nicky, Garage 'Rider'

Elaine is one amazing lady.


Her motivation and determination makes everyone want to be involved.


I cannot recommend her classes

highly enough.


Without a doubt the best spin class

I have ever attended.

Matt, Garage Rider

No ordinary spin class.


Elaine poured every bit of authentic positivity and energy into an invigorating and uplifting session.


Loved it.

Rachel, Garage Rider



I sweated so much.


And your words, really meaningful,

thank you.

Fantastic. Such an inspiration.


Your words were just amazing.

Jo, Garage Rider

I like the way it feels like you're the voice in our heads spurring us on. 


We are in control of the volume, the ride, the whole experience.


It's fantastic.

Kate, Garage Rider

I absolutely loved it.


I feel so set up for the day.

Your energy is contagious.

Rita, Garage Rider

I haven’t done sports for a long time and after turning up to one of the initial classes I was struck buy the

spinning bug again.


Thanks to Elaine’s great motivational skills and herself a great example of powerful mindset and high fitness level. 


With the plus side of attending a class without the hustle of a gym in busy hours.


A must to decompress from our daily routine or just to have a laugh while

doing exercise.

Holly, Garage Rider