POWER Fitness Events is a business based in Chichester, West Sussex, UK, which provides rides, on stationary bikes, usually in a group at different locations, for a period of approximately one hour, or other duration specific to the event and its location. These terms and conditions should be read with this context in mind.

These Booking Terms and Conditions are Version One, current as of 23rd January 2020. If subsequent versions are produced they will be suitably publicised to relevant persons.



Elaine Hart


+44 (0) 7789 207514



In reading these Booking Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

The Rider is the participant in The Event who has completed the booking form – online or by other means - and paid the relevant fee.

The Event is the ride which The Rider has booked and which is delivered in accordance with these Booking Terms; or subsequent version as amended from time to time.

The Ride Coach is the designated person from POWER Fitness Events who is responsible for conducting the ride.

The Rider

The Rider must be 18 years of age or older and, by making a booking, are verifying that they meet the minimum age requirement (except with a written waiver by a parent/guardian if rider meets minimum height requirement of 4' 10/147cm).

On the occasion of the booking, and at any time up to including The Event and whilst it is in process, The Ride Coach may exclude The Rider from The Event, for whatever reason, and such decision is immediate and final.

If having booked and paid for The Event, The Rider is unable to attend, notice of cancellation should be given by telephoning + 44 (0) 7789 207514 as soon as possible. A refund of will be made at the discretion of POWER Fitness Events.


Other than by proven negligence, POWER Fitness Events is not liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property of The Rider.

Other than by proven negligence, POWER Fitness Events is not liable for any injury, illness, or death of The Rider.

Other than by proven negligence, POWER Fitness Events is not liable for any loss, damage or injury occurring to The Rider arising from the use of the stationary bike, or by using other facilities and equipment that is provided by POWER Fitness Events.

Health and Safety.

The safety and well-being of The Rider is a priority for POWER Fitness Events. In order to ensure this it is important for The Rider to follow any procedural guidelines provided for The Event– in respect to, for example, the setting up and operation of the spinning bikes and to comply with all reasonable instructions issued by The Ride Coach.

The Ride Coach will advise of the procedure in the event of emergency; including fire exits and assembly points as appropriate to the venue.

The Rider should eat sensibly before and after the ride and ensure they keep themselves hydrated throughout; including bringing their own water bottles to the ride. The Rider must wear appropriate clothing and footwear during The Event.

The spinning bikes used by POWER Fitness Events provide The Rider with the opportunity to enjoy different levels of physical exertion, but in general the events involve intense exercise. Riders should not participate if they are not fit to do so. If The Rider has any illness or medical condition which may affect their capacity to undertake The Event safely they should consult The Ride Coach beforehand; or, if they feel ill during the ride, they should stop immediately and advise The Ride Coach whose decision is final in relation to whether The Rider can continue to participate. In making such a decision The Ride Coach is not holding themselves out as having any specific expertise, but is merely making a considered decision on the facts, based on the precautionary principle. If the Rider is in any doubt as to their physical fitness to ride they should consult a medical expert.

POWER Fitness Events will endeavour, at all times, to keep The Rider safe, but inevitably such exercise incurs a risk to The Rider of minor and sometimes major injury and, for some people, the loud music through headsets will pose health risks. POWER Fitness Events are not responsible for such injuries unless negligence is proven.